Gentian over at Drawing with a Squirrel is one of my favorite bloggers because she just has such a great way of showcasing the most beautiful characteristics of inks. I was very excited when I knew she was getting all 6 of the new Sailor inks, because I wanted to see what she could do with them! If you haven’t seen her blog before, I definitely recommend you head over there and poke around. – Brian Goulet

Here’s Gentian’s blog post about the inks: Beautiful Spring Sailor Inks!

I’ve been anxious to try the new Sailor Ink colours and finally ordered samples from The Goulet Pen Company! It will be defficult deciding which bottles I want because I like them all!

The colours are reminiscent of Spring and very much like their names: Épinard (spinach), Grenade (pomegranate), Ultramarine (similar to an ultramarine violet), Apricot (a bright apricot orange) , Pêche (reminds me of white peaches or sakura blossoms) and Sky High ( a sky blue). These were all tested with a dip pen and brush. I shall work on some lettering with the colours to share soon!

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