One of the things that annoys me a little bit about some ink colors is that their names don’t quite match up to the color of the ink. I can’t complain too much though, because it was colors like Diamine Crimson that inspired me to start up the Swab Shop, which is now a very useful tool for comparing colors (even ones that do have names that make sense).

I’m not 100% sure when, but Diamine changed Crimson from what was once a very vibrant, hot pink to a darker red that now looks like what you’d expect from an ink named Crimson. The old color is on the left, new is on the right:

The reason I’m not sure when this change happened is because I was never given word from Diamine about an impending change. Diamine has 80 colors right now, and we have well over 350 inks in all to manage at, so a change like this is something I didn’t notice until a customer emailed and asked if I had ‘old Crimson’ or ‘new Crimson’.

Now that we know we have ‘new’ Crimson, I can educate you all about it here on the blog. I want to thank the gentleman who emailed me, and emphasize how much I appreciate getting inquiries about product updates and changes from you all. You’d be amazed how often I find out about new products and changes from fans and customers before I find out ‘officially’ from the brands we represent.

Sometimes I hear false rumors and when I do, I can get them cleared up. Other times, changes like with Crimson just slip through the cracks and I need to get the word out about it. Either way, though, your grassroots support helps me to be a better blogger, better retailer, and provide better education to the writing community. Thanks everyone, keep those questions coming!