I have been intrigued with pictures of ink in water, I just think it’s the most awesome looking effect. I’ve been playing around in my free time (ha!) with random inks in a champagne flute, and here’s what I’ve done just as a first attempt. Cool, huh?

I plan to do a lot more of these in the future, playing around with different glasses, backgrounds, lighting setups, and of course, ink colors! Neat, huh?

***Update 6/8/11! I spent most of this past weekend messing around with all KINDS of inks, and I got some really cool shots! I know you’re going to be curious which inks I’ve used, honestly I used a lot and can’t remember. I was just having fun and trying all different ones. I’ll look to do more blog posts with more details about how I do these, for now, just enjoy the pretty inks :)