I posted about the new Quo Vadis Habanas with the 85g paper the day I got them in (literally), see it here. But one thing that people started to notice is that on the sleeves of the Habanas, they said 90g instead of the (correct) 85g. I posted about that as well, here.

I contacted Quo Vadis to get an official explanation on this. It was simple…they had new sleeves coming, but they didn’t want to wait to ship the much-anticipated journals just for the lack of new sleeves. So they put labels over the old sleeves and put them on the new journals, but there was an oversight of them still saying 90g. I just got my second shipment of new Habanas, and they now have the new sleeves, so I thought I’d share a comparison of the two. The journals themselves are exactly the same, it’s just the sleeves that have changed (and you’ll throw it out anyway!).

There are still journals out there with the ‘old’ retrofit sleeves on them, but don’t be confused. As long as your paper is off-white, you have the new 85g Habana! We at GouletPens.com are going to sell off the first batch of Habanas with the old sleeves first, then go to the new sleeves as they come to us. If the sleeve matters to you, ask us (or whomever you are looking to sell you your Habana) if we have the new sleeve versions in.

Hopefully this post clears up the confusion, though I’m sure the old sleeves will still raise some questions until they’re all gone.