The wait is over, Noodler’s Flex pens are available!

Clear and Lapis are already gone. We had some technical stuff going on with our site due to sheer overload of traffic on our site. We have a beefed-up server, but it was still stressed to its max! Things are running better now, so let us know if there are still any issues with your checking out.

We’re working harder than ever before right now to straighten out any order changes and ship out as quickly as we can. If you’re trying to call us right now, you’ll get our voicemail. We’re on the phone with our web host support to work out any kinks with the site, so we will have to call or email you back.

Just from my initial impression from this release, it’s overwhelming! We’ve had a greater response than we even thought. Due to the sheer traffic we’ve had on our site, we’re already considering ways to improve things for the next release, though honestly, we’re hoping things don’t get this crazy again! We know Nathan’s working on redoing the feeds, which have been the holdup in these pens so far. Hoepfully, the next batch of flex pens will be much sooner and more available than these ones.

A special thanks to everyone who’s been so incredibly patient. We’re working as fast as we can to get your orders packed up and out the door, but this will require patience all around. Thanks for making today so great, so crazy, so hectic!