What an eventful week this has been! Despite our business with the Noodler’s Flex Pens, this isn’t actually why we’ve rescheduled Write Time for tonight. We had my cousin, aunt and uncle in town only for tonight, so we put family first and spent time with them. We know you understand!

So here are the topics we’d like to discuss tonight:

  • Monday’s insane Noodler’s Flex Pen release, recapping the events and our reaction to it all
  • Steps we’ve taken for future releases like Monday’s
  • Noodler’s flex pen colors (this is the first Write Time since we’ve seen them for ourselves!)
  • Ink in water pictures, my latest craze
  • TONS of new Brause nibs and J. Herbin calligraphy inks we started carrying

Thanks for being so flexible and joining us on a Wednesday night this week. We’ll see you at 9pm EDT!