This broadcast has been rescheduled until Wednesday, 6/29. We’re in the midst of a huge severe thunderstorm and keep losing power. Sorry for the last-minute change!

Boy do we have a LOT to talk about tonight! Here are some new product we have in:

  • Aurora inks
  • Montegrappa inks
  • Online inks and pens
  • Omas inks
  • Sailor Sapporo pens
  • Platinum Mix-Free timeline
  • Platinum 3776 LE Clear Demonstrator pens
  • Premiere LE availability
  • Canada Post shipping updates
  • Sheaffer pens in July
  • Three new brands to be announced available tonight
  • …and another new brand coming in the next week (or so) with yet another one in the works!
Yeah, this is going to be the most jam-packed Write Time we’ve ever had, we have SOOOO much to talk about. I know we won’t be able to go into great depth for each topic, these are all new products we have that are going to make for good conversation for weeks (probably months!). See you on Wednesday 6/29 at 9pm EDT!