The long-awaited Platinum Mix-Free inks have arrived, and I’m tickled to begin playing with them, as I’m sure you are, too! I have purposely avoided mixing inks up until this point because I knew I would be falling down a rabbit hole, never to be seen again! It’s a tangent hobby from fountain pens that can be equally consuming as the pens themselves :) But, now that these inks are here, it’s time to give in and just have some fun sloshing some ink around!

Rachel and I have come up with a super sampler pack of Mix-Free inks to give you the most fun for the least investment for these new inks.

Here’s what we’ve put together:

  • 5ml Mix-Free Aqua Blue
  • 5ml Mix-Free Aurora Blue
  • 5ml Mix-Free Cyclamen Pink
  • 5ml Mix-Free Earth Brown
  • 5ml Mix-Free Flame Red
  • 5ml Mix-Free Leaf Green
  • 5ml Mix-Free Silky Purple
  • 5ml Mix-Free Smoke Black
  • 5ml Mix-Free Sunny Yellow
  • 1 Goulet Ink Syringe Set (2 syringes total)
  • 10 empty Goulet ink sample vials
  • 10 blank sample vial labels
Our goal here was to create a package of the whole set of inks with enough volume to give you something substantial to mix, but at a cost far less significant than buying a full set of the inks. We’ve set the price for the Super Sampler Set at $30, as opposed to the list price of the Mix-Free full set at $189!
In the video, you’re seeing me mix these inks for literally the very first time. I chose to mix Silky Purple and Sunny Yellow, on a whim. Here’s how my mixture came out:


Is it the best looking ink ever? Ehh…not really. It turned out better than I thought it might though. It’s a reddish brown with some yellow mixed in, kind of a different color than anything else I have. But still, the fun is in the process. It will really be a trip to mix each of the different colors with different ratios, and see what happens! I’m very eager to see all of the formulas that you all can create.

I also have a more detailed post on how to use the ink syringes that you can see here in this post.

I didn’t address this in the video, but the ink wrote very nicely. It’s about a medium wetness, not gushing out of the pen, but not dry either. I didn’t experience any feathering or bleeding on the Rhodia 80g paper I used in my No. 16 dotpad, and there was a noticeable degree of shading in my custom mixture. I have yet to thoroughly test the properties of the ink in different pens and on different papers, so if you’d like to add your experiences, I welcome you to do so in the comments below.

You can also use the Ink Sample Vial Holder to help keep everything in place while you’re mixing. I meant to address this in the video, but I forgot! Here’s a video on the vial holder.

I think these inks are going to be a lot of fun. I can see a lot of blog and forum posts pop up about different Franken-ink formulas for the Mix-Free inks, and I’m really, really excited about that :)
What do you think?
Update: These inks are no longer available at Goulet Pens.