We decided to take a risk and really go out on a limb with July’s Ink Drop theme, Flashlight Tag. Choosing colors like we did can go either way, either you will love them or hate them! We’ve heard some of both, but overall, we’ve been hearing a lot of enthusiasm about this month’s Drop.

We wanted to make this video to help with a few things:

  • Explain the different ‘parts’ in the Drop
  • Show how to fill the highlighter pen
  • Show how to use the UV light
  • Show what other inks are UV reactive

Now normally we would include 5 colors, but we did something a little different. Instead, we included an eyedropper converted Platinum Preppy highlighter, a plastic pipette, and a Noodler’s UV LED blacklight. We thought that would make up for only 4 colors ;)

Here are the colors for this month: 

  • Noodler’s Blue Ghost
  • Noodler’s Firefly
  • Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Green
  • Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Pink

We’re aware of the fact that this month is an all Noodler’s ink month, and for those of you who don’t like Noodler’s, we apologize. They are the only ones with a selection of UV reactive inks, which is what we were going for here! All of the inks are fountain pen friendly, you can use them in your pen or in a highlighter like what we’ve supplied.

This has been a really fun theme and the feedback we’ve been getting so far has been quite enthusiastic! These inks are great if you’re trying to get your kids interested in pens, they’ll have a blast :)

It’s not too late (as of this posting) to sign up, you can still get this month’s Ink Drop through July 14th. Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your comments.