***Updated March 2020***

We announced last week that we were getting in Kaweco pens and ink (cartridges) to GouletPens.com, and they arrived yesterday. I shot a quick video for you to introduce you to the line.

There are two pens we’re starting out with, the Classic Sport and the Ice Sport (As of 2020 we no longer carry the Ice Sport). The dimensions are the same on both pen styles, it’s purely a color difference between the two Sports.

Kaweco Classic Sport/Kaweco Skyline Sport/Kaweco Frosted Sport

There are lots of  colors with the Sport line! With the Classic Sport the accents are gold (plated over steel). With the Frosted Sport, the accents are silver in color and in every line, the color of the pen is consistent throughout the pen body, grip, and cap. Clips are offered separately from the pen and are removable, so you can use either the gold or silver colored one, the gold will match better. The clip isn’t entirely necessary though, because the caps are faceted. That will keep them from rolling off your desk, which is a major reason for having a pen clip!

Kaweco Ice Sport (No longer available at Goulet Pens)

There are 4 colors: Orange, Red, Green, and Blue. These colors are semi-transparent, and only colored in the grip and cap. The bodies are all clear. All accents are silver-colored, so that’s the clip that matches, but like I just mentioned, you can put whichever you want on it.


These pens are quite short, only measuring 4″ long closed. It’s short, but it extends to a useable 5 1/8″ posted. The grip section’s diameter is only 3/8″, so it’s probably not going to be too comfortable for long periods for us large-handed folks, but my wife absolutely loves the size. I like it for quick notes and jotting, but much more than that and I’m grabbing my m800 or 1911 (I know, not a fair comparison!).

All of these pens take standard international cartridges, but because they are so short, no converter will fit them. This means that the only option for inking these pens is either using new cartridges, refilling your cartridges with an ink syringe (like I do here), or converting to an eyedropper pen (like I do here). The eyedropper conversion is quite popular with these little guys!


The nibs are available is EF, F and M sizes, as well as replacement nib units in more options.

All the nibs are steel, and write surprisingly smooth for a pen in this price range. I quite enjoy them, myself.

These pens were all the rage a couple of years ago, but a change in distributors dried up the supply of them, and you haven’t seen them much recently. We’ve chased down the distributor and plan to offer these in the best selection we can. They’re great pens for the money and we know they’ll be a big hit. So now we’re pleased to announce that the Kaweco Classic Sport, Skyline Sport, Frosted Sport, AL Sport currently , and cartridges are now available at the Goulet Pen Company.

What’s your impression?