I’ve always had my eye on the LAMY Dialog 3, it’s a very intriguing pen! It’s one of the few fountain pens out there with a retractable nib, which makes it quite practical for business use. We haven’t had them available through our store and I hadn’t held one in my hands yet. So when a customer of ours wanted to order one, I got really excited! He was kind enough to let me play with it and shoot some pictures and video for the blog here. Thank you!

The Dialog 3 comes in a thin beechwood box (I was incorrect about this on the video). It’s neat with a magnetic latch and everything, but the pen makes you forget all about the box!

The LAMY 14k gold nib on this pen is wonderful. They’re the same nibs used on the higher-end Accents and Studios as well. Though I didn’t ink up this Dialog 3, I have experience with my own 14k nib on my Studio and I’m a big fan. They’re actually the same size nibs as the LAMY steel nibs you’ve seen on the Safaris and Al-Stars, so you can swap them out if you really want to. When extended, the whole nib is exposed.

One of the cooler things about this pen is that the spring-loaded clip actually retracts down to hug the pen body when the nib is out. Here’s a pic of the clip with the nib retracted.

Here’s the nib extended, with the clip hugging the pen. This makes it so that the clip isn’t in the way of your fingers while you write. Why would the clip be in the way, though? Because while conventional fountain pens have removable caps, this pen doesn’t. So to keep the nib pointing up, the clip needs to be on the opposite end of ‘conventional’ pens.

Here’s the LAMY logo, which is fairly subtle. The lines on the pen match up when the pen is closed.

The guts of the pen are fairly similar to the Pilot Vanishing point, if you’re familiar with that pen. There is a whole nib unit inside the pen with a Z26 converter. You remove the back of the pen to access this.


Since the pen is often compared to the Pilot Vanishing Point (another retractable nib pen), I thought I’d compare the two a little. The LAMY is a twist pen, whereas the VP is a click pen.

The design of each pen is a little different. Pilot has their own nib developed just for the VP, which you can see is quite a bit smaller than the LAMY nib.


One of the biggest love/hate features about both of these pens is the clip. Here is a comparison of the two clips, the LAMY wins out for least obtrusive.

As is often the case with special order pens, I’ve become infatuated with it. Well, that’s what’s happened here too! Except this time, it’s not just Rachel and me that love it, it’s Drew and Ben, our shop guys that have gone gaga over this pen! So we’re going to carry them, here.

What do you think of the Dialog 3?