This week Rachel was feeling ill, so I went solo on this broadcast! I talked a good deal about Taccia pens, and compared all of the models to other pens in my case (like the Lamy Al-Star, Pelikan m800, and Sailor 1911).

I have done a lot of soul searching about how to do ink reviews that are both comprehensive and sustainable for me to do. I think I’ve nailed down a general format for them, here’s a preview of one I did:

I will go into more detail about how I’m going to go about doing more of them in the future, look for a detailed explanation with video coming in the next week or so.

I also showed off a special order Lamy Dialog 3 tonight that we just happened to get in this afternoon. We don’t normally stock the Dialog 3 (though we’re thinking about it), so it was a treat for me to be able to play with it and show it off :)

Lastly, right at the end of the video I was able to show a new paper brand we just got in to test called Behance. We got in some samples and I’m going to play with them over the next week and talk more about them in next week’s broadcast.

Thanks to everyone for visiting with us this week, I’m glad to know that you’re still willing to watch me even when Rachel’s not here ;)