See if you can guess why Brian Gray is smirking at the end of the video, it’s not what it sounds like, I swear!

We had the opportunity to see the latest Edison pen, the Collier, this past weekend while we were at the DC Pen Show. We used the opportunity to snag Brian Gray and record a quick peek at the new pen in the 3 colors, and see how they compare to the Edison Nouveau Premiere and Edison Hudson. We’ll have more info posted on these pens soon, I just wanted to give a quick tease.

Here are the dimensions for the Collier:

Body Material: Acrylic resin
Clip Material: Gold-Plated Steel
Nib Material: Gold-Plated Steel
Nib Size: #6 nib, in fine (0.5mm), medium (0.635mm), or broad (0.8mm)
Cap Type: Screw-type
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge/converter (included), or convertible to eyedropper
Overall Weight: 25 grams (.9oz)
Cap Weight: 10 grams (.4oz)
Body Weight: 15 grams (.5oz)
Overall Length (capped): 150mm (5.9in)
Overall Length (posted):  Does not post
Body Length: 128.7mm (5.1in)
Cap Diameter (no clip): 16.5mm (.6in)
Cap Diameter (with clip): 20.9mm (.8in)
Body Diameter: 14.9mm (.6in)
Nib Length: 23.5mm (0.9in)

Edison Colliers are available for sale for $169 at

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The Goulet Pen Company Team