Kaweco Nib Size Comparison

Link to YouTube for more viewing options.

Since we recently received the Kaweco pens in extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad nib sizes, I thought it might be helpful to do a comparison writing sample.

I enjoyed writing with all of the nibs. They are all smooth (with some feedback) steel nibs, with a smooth and reliable flow in all sizes. There’s not a huge difference between the extra-fine and fine nibs. There is a noticeable difference between fine and medium, and a huge difference between medium and broad.

The Kaweco nibs are identical on the Classic Sport, ICE Sport, and Al-Sport, so you can expect these will be consistent across all of these pen models.

Right now only the medium nibs are imported regularly into the US from Germany, so we had to place a special order for the rest of them direct from Germany. Because of this, we may be out of stock of certain nibs more than usual due to the long shipping time (but we will try to keep them in stock!).We have the Classic Sport, Al-Sport, and ICE Sport available on our site.

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  • I can't watch the video at work.  How smooth is the extra-fine nib?

  • It's pretty smooth for an EF nib. It's not scratchy like I had expected it to be. Most EF nibs have at least a little more resistance to them when you write (just because of the smaller surface area of the nib on the paper), these nibs are pleasant to use. It's not quite as smooth as the medium or broad, but it's not scratchy either. It's about as good as I think you can get from a steel EF nib.

  • Manda

    i have a fine, but that broad looks pretty nice!

  • The broad is quite juicy! How do you like your fine nib?

  • What is the difference in the 3 models?  It looks like these could be converted to use as eyedroppers, is that true?

  • Oh yea! That's what I was hoping for the B nibs… Big and wet, nice-n-juicy. 🙂

    How does the Kaweco B compare to other B nibs? Bigger perhaps?I need to get me one of those so I can stub it. Then it'll be a great pen! Those aluminum ones are pretty nice. Silver one sure caught my eye…Thanks for posting this Brian, it's so nice to have info like this.

  • rtell

    How are the clips on these pens? I am looking for a smallish pen to carry in the (large diameter) wire-binding of my planner and was thinking of a Kaweco Sport XF, but I worry that in that type of a situation, the clip might slide right off too often. What do you think?

  • The pen would probably fit in your large wire binding, but the clip would be a pain, since it tends to want to slide off. You'd need to glue it in place or something creative like that to keep that from happening.

  • If you're looking to stub it, you might be more interested in the double broads! We won't be getting them in anytime soon, but we plan to order them soon. The Al-Sports are just awesome looking and feeling. They have a great weight to them, and the balance is great. The only thing I wish is that Kaweco had a converter for their pens, but refilling a cart isn't the end of the world.

  • Oh yes! Rachel had mentioned the BB nibs over on FPN the other day. I can't wait till you get them… 🙂

    Luckily, I'm a fan of demonstrators and eye-dropper pens, so no converter is not to much of a problem for me. Although, you can't use the aluminum ones a ED pens. Hrmm… Besides, I have a distaste for c/c fillers… Only pens so far that I'll buy with them are the VP black matte, and Namiki falcon…

    So perhaps a clear demo Kaweco sport will be in my future, with a BB nib.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me know that you will eventually be ordering some! That's really god news. 😀

  • I really like my F nib Sport Classic.  I may get a B nib version to try and stub it, it looks like it is broad enough for my F preference. 😀

  • kp288908

    Thanks so much for including the writing sample including all of the nib sizes.  Really helpful!

  • Glad you like it! The broad nib is fairly broad, but if you're stubbing, there is a BB option too (though we won't have it in for a while).

  • You're very welcome!

  • You're welcome 🙂

  • I have a B nib in my Kaweco and I love the way it writes. It's my only B nib so the difference compared to other nibs is huge. I just wish Kaweco hadn't increased the price of these pens.

  • The B is pretty wet indeed! Yeah, we had to go up to list price on the pens, that was an order that came down straight from Germany. All the online sellers will have to keep them at list price.

  • Yeah I know it wasn't just you. I wonder why Kaweco did it… did the price of a little bit of plastic really go that high?

  • No, the price didn't change. The list price was the same as it currently is, but we (and other retailers) were charging under list price. They wanted to enforce that retailers charge list price, so our price went up.

  • Texas BSA

    I love the EF nib.  They are very smooth.  I have four of the demonstraters and use them almost exclusively for the ink drop samples.  They make great little pens, and can be carried almost anywhere.  I only had one leak on me through the nib, probably because of pen burp.  But that was the only issue.  Also I have converted all of them to ED's, as I like the greater ink capacity. 

  • Yeah, the pens are great for that, I eyedropper convert all of mine. Here's a vid I made on troubleshooting the ED Kaweco pen, too: http://www.inknouveau.com/2011/10/kaweco-eyedropper-leak-troubleshooting.html

  • Sashineb

    Hello, have you tried the double broad nib yet? I'm wondering how it compared to the regular broad nib. Thank you.

  • Phil in PA

    I’d like to buy a Kaweco Classic Sport in Bordeaux and matching extra nibs in the full range EF-BB. Do you stock them? Is it a special order? Thanks!

  • Shugpug

    Do you have the gold nibs for comparison as well?

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Sorry, no we don’t. We don’t stock Kaweco replacement nibs so we only show what we have available.