Something quite unusual for Central Virginia, we experienced the first earthquake that I can remember in my lifetime! The epicenter hit about 30 miles west of our GPC shop, and we’re told it was a 5.9, the largest quake to hit Virginia since 1897!

The Washington Post has writeup about it, here.

We had some pretty scary shaking going on, but no harm done to anyone or anything at GPC headquarters. Our house and shop was visibly shaking, and we could see our cars rocking back and forth in the driveway. Things were moving on our walls, but nothing fell. We could feel the quake for a total of about 20-25 seconds, with 10 seconds of some pretty aggressive shaking. Everyone around central Virginia is kind of freaking out a little bit because this just isn’t the kind of thing that happens around here every day. Our phone service is intermittent, but for right now our power and internet is all working as normal, so we’ll continue working as usual.

We just wanted to let you all know that even though we were close to the center of the earthquake, we’re all okay and things are going to keep rolling along as usual.