Hurricane Irene hit our area as a tropical storm on Saturday, and it hit pretty hard. We were fortunate enough to escape any major damage, but we’ve been without power since then. When the storm hit this past weekend, more than 3/4 of our Richmond Metro area was without power, and it’s still only about half of the city that has power because there were so many downed trees that fell on power lines. We’re projected to get our power working again tomorrow night, and we’re quite excited about that.

We’ve had an adventure working this week. We set up our camp over at may parents’ house about 15 minutes away (they have power), and that’s where we’re doing all of our printing of invoices and shipping labels. We’ve been packing orders up at our shop like normal, but since we have no power there we’ve had to light up the shop with flashlights and headlamps as we work. Once we’re done packing, we have to cart them over to my parents’ to print the shipping labels, then swing by the post office to drop them off. It’s become quite the operation! Because we’ve been so quick to adapt and find a new groove, we’ve been able to continue full operation of the business without hardly skipping a beat. We even have Ink Drop going out as scheduled tomorrow.

The only problem is, we still have no power so we won’t be able to broadcast Write Time tonight, and I haven’t been able to blog anything other than quick updates like these, or answer emails throughout the day. Keeping the daily operation up and going with all of the roadblocks we’ve had has required our full attention and we’ve been putting in a lot of extra work. Once we get power back and are able to settle down a little bit, we should get back into a normal routine of blogging and doing videos again.

Please bear with us as we get through these last couple of days of recovery from the storm, especially with my emails because I don’t have internet during the day when I’m at the shop until the power comes back on.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support. We’ve had awesome support on threads like this one on FPN making sure we’re okay. I assure you, we’re doing fine, but we are eager to have things back to ‘normal’, whatever that is for us! We should be back for Write Time next week, and I’ll be able to blog about the new Noodler’s Ahab Flex Pens coming, the TWSBI 540, PR DC Super Violet, JB’s Pen Flush, our new Podcast, and more exciting stuff we’ve been doing.

**Update 9/3/11- We finally have power again! We went over 5 days without power, and we’re happy to say we’re no worse for the wear. We still kept up will all orders coming in, and I’m really looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I appreciate all your patience on the blog, as Ink Nouveau has suffered the most from this storm! I will take this weekend to rejuvenate myself, and I’ll be back next week with fervor :)