We had a super-packed broadcast here, going on two hours! Brian Gray of Edison Pens joined us about 40 minutes into it, to introduce his new Collier pens. Here’s a synopsis of the broadcast:

  • New Edison Collier pens, available in Antique Marble, Silver Marble, and Persimmon Swirl, selling for $150. More details on our site, here. Expect a video on the pens within the next week.
  • Rhodia Unlimited notebooks, Rhodia Premium notepads, and No. 18 and No. 8 pad holders, finally arrived! Expect videos and reviews of them coming in the next week or so.
  • Taccia Savanna and Legato, available starting late September. We will be getting in one Savanna to test and do videos, so expect to see that in a couple of weeks.
  • GPC and Ink Drop swag! We’ve already created a lot of cool stuff like coffee mugs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, buttons, and postcards! We’re having a lot of fun creating cool stuff, and we’ll continue to do more and more :)
  • Sheaffer’s affordable VFM, more Preludes and 300 pens, and the 100
  • New Ruby Red Lamy Al-Star
  • New black matte Lamy Dialog 3

It was a great time, thanks to everyone who stayed with us for such a long and late broadcast! We have a lot of new stuff in recently, and we’ll be getting more in the future. Keep up with Ink Nouveau here as we dive in and play with all the new stuff :)