Platinum converters are gold (not real gold, just gold colored). That’s never really bothered me at all, except when I went to check out the new Platinum Motosu 3776 pen, because it’s clear with rhodium trim.

Platinum 3776 Motosu


One of the first things that went through my head was “I wonder if that’s just a gold plating on that converter, and if there’s a silver color underneath”. Sure enough, there is. All it takes is a little sanding with an 800-1,000 grit sandpaper (or micromesh, as I have), and you can polish the gold right off in about 5 minutes. Then you have a nice matching pen!

Platinum Motosu with my modified silver converter

P.S. Years later – Platinum now offers their converter in silver trim! That’s way easier than everything I just described above. ;)