The tally is in, and the winner for the 4th color of the Edison Nouveau Premiere is……



Pearlized Purple!
We thought it would be interesting to share the results of the poll:



This breakdown actually came out very much like we thought it would, though honestly I thought Purple/Cream would be a more popular ‘second choice’ than it turned out to be. On the first day of the poll, Pearlized Purple had nearly 80% of the vote, and Purple/Gold worked it’s way up to a respectable number. But alas, Pearlized Purple held strong at the #1 spot, and it is the clear winner.
In all honesty, none of the colors would be a bad choice, it’s just that Pearlized Purple was particularly stunning, I think! If you are desperately in love with a ‘non-winning’ color, Brian Gray will be offering up the prototype pens in some fashion. I will leave him to decide that on his own.
Brian will begin be working on these pens soon, so they should be coming available in the next week or two. If you’re interested in the new Premiere color, you can check it out here.
A special thanks to all of you who took the time to vote, we greatly appreciate it! We loved reading all of your special comments as well :) What do you all think? Are you happy about the winning color?