We’ve had a heck of a week this week…between shutting down our website today for a FULL physical inventory and our little boy getting all 4 of his molars coming in at the same time and keeping us up most of the week, we’re pretty exhausted. Since we’re still just waiting on a whole bunch of new stuff to come in, there’s not much we have to talk about right now anyway. We’re going to use tonight to relax and recharge. Here’s a timeline for all of the new stuff we know you’re waiting on:

  • TWSBI 540’s: should be here in the next few weeks
  • TWSBI ROC-100: end of September
  • TWSBI VAC-700 and Bottle: still undetermined timeframe, at least two months away
  • Lamy Ruby Al-Star: the end of next week!
  • Edision Nouveau Premiere Purple: next week! Check out the poll to vote on your favorite color through tomorrow.
  • Kaweco new colors: end of September
  • Noodler’s Ahab Flex Pens: end of September/early October
  • Noodler’s Nib Creaper Flex Pens: end of September/early October

We also have finally set up our Ink Nouveau Podcast! It took me a good 40 hours or so, but I got all of the videos converted into a smaller downloadable format and uploaded to our new podcast. You can now download all of our best past video reviews, and we will be uploading future Write Time broadcasts (audio only) as well. It’s just another way we’re trying to spread the word about fountain pens!

Sorry we’re not here for you this week, if you have any specific questions just post them in the comments here. Thanks everyone!