Tonight is going to be a very special Write Time! Nathan Tardif of Noodler’s Ink is going to join us tonight by phone to dive deep into the complex characteristics of all of the Noodler’s inks. We’ve recently worked with him to categorize all of his inks and put together a spreadsheet for an easy reference to show each ink’s properties. You can see the spreadsheet here. There are a lot of questions to be answered, and we will hear the explanations straight from the man himself!

We’re also pleased to announce our first Noodler’s exclusive ink designed by us Goulets! We’ve had a lot of you asking for it for many months, and we’re finally going to reveal the ink tonight, live with Nathan. We’re incredibly excited about it. We’re going to make it available with the release of the next batch of Noodler’s Flex pens, which we plan to release for sale on Monday, October 17th at noon EDT.

So if you have the time, stop by tonight and listen to the genius himself, right here. If you’re not able to, that’s okay too. We’ll be posting a video of the broadcast tomorrow, as well as an audio podcast.