As many of you know (probably too well!), we just released the Noodler’s Flex Pens on Monday, and there was a bit of drama involved with it, as there always seems to be. We had taken additional measures to ensure a smooth release, and we still had some hiccups, so we’re going to give a retrospective on exactly what happened and what we’re going to change for next week’s (yes, next week’s!!) new flex pen release.

We’re also going to talk about our new ink, Purple Heart, which we’ve been using and loving.

We have some new timelines for products coming in like:

  • TWSBI ink bottles
  • Violet Pilot Custom 74
  • TWSBI pens
  • Noodler’s Flex pens
  • Noodler’s Ahab pens

There have been some interesting conversations going on here on the Fountain Pen Network about the flex pen release and the impending Ahab pen release as well. We can say right now that there are far more people interested in Ahab’s than there will be pens available for the initial release and we’d like to talk about the best way to handle that.

So if you have time tonight, we’d love to sit and chat with you at 9pm EDT for another Write Time!