Rachel and I are ready for another Write Time sofa chat, so if you’re around at 9pm EDT tonight, we’d love to have you hang out with us! We’re basically just waiting for a bunch of new stuff to come in, so it’ll be a low-key evening. We do have the new Violet Custom 74, which we’re loving! Maybe we’ll talk about that.

I’m really just feeling especially nostalgic. I posted my reflections of our company’s growth now that we have an empty garage (here), and I’d love to spend more time reminiscing on all of the experiences that have been the most memorable over the last two years.

I also spent this past weekend reading Zappos.com Tony Hseih’s book Delivering Happiness, which has done a great deal to help me personally to keep the focus of my and Rachel’s vision with GPC. We’ve had some pretty rapid growth over the last couple of months, and moving our business out of our house has been a big transition for us, both logistically and emotionally. Tony’s book has reinforced the importance of customer service, our employees’ happiness, and our company culture (which is an extension of the values Rachel and I have had since the beginning). We’d love to share our thoughts with you as we grow and change (but keep the good stuff the same!).