Blogging has been light the last few weeks, I know. And it will be for the next few weeks. Rachel and I are working overtime right now, not only because new stuff like the TWSBI 540, ROC-100, Noodler’s Brush Pens, and Sheaffer VFM’s have all arrived in the last week, but because we’re in the process of moving our business. We’ll get all into it in the broadcast, but basically we’ve grown too much to continue running Goulet Pens out of our home. So tonight, we’ll talk about:

  • All the new stuff we just got in, like TWSBI’s, VFM’s, and brush pens
  • Our decision about moving and what it will mean for us and you
  • Detailed update on Noodler’s Flex Pens (with dates and color availability)
  • Update on our Noodler’s exclusive ink

This ought to keep us set for tonight. If you have the time, stop by and see us live at 9pm EDT here. We’ll be recording and posting this broadcast tomorrow as well as putting an audio version into a Podcast, so that’ll be a first!