The email notification is one of the most helpful tools we have on, both for you and for us! It does a number of helpful things including:

  • Notify you as soon as we have a product in stock that was previously out of stock
  • Allows us to send newsletter emails specifically to update those waiting on a given in-demand product
  • Shows us how many people are waiting for a particular product so we can be sure to purchase enough to meet demand
  • Helps us decide how to logistically release new products (like Noodler’s Flex Pens)
It’s a great tool for you and a great tool for us. It’s something that helps us to better serve you and be in tune with what you need. We put together this video to share with you how helpful this tool is, and to guide you through the signup procedure so you can use it for anything we carry. Signing up doesn’t guarantee or commit you to purchasing anything, it’s simply for notification.
This is just another handy tool we have in place to try to make the purchasing experience better with us! If you have any other ideas for enhancements to our site, please, send me an email or post in the comments.