I thought it might be handy to showcase the difference between the Noodler’s Ahab and the original Noodler’s Piston-Fill Flex pens in terms of their writing use. I’ve shown the size and filling differences between these two pens in my other post, here. You can also see the full line of Ahab colors coming out in the first release, here.

My conclusion is that the nibs on both pens have about the same unflexed line width (somewhere around a fine), and they have around the same maximum line width, about 3mm when you really push it to the limits. But to me, the Ahab feels a little easier to flex. It’s not an overly dramatic difference, just a slight improvement. I don’t know if I can attribute it to the design of the nib itself, or just to the fact that the Ahab’s larger size feels better in my hand and gives me more control over the pen. It’s probably a combination of the two.

I will be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to proper use of a flex pen, so I’m really eager to see some of the reviews come out from a lot of you that really know what you’re doing with one! My feeling is that the Ahab is a pen that’s going to be every bit as ground-breaking as the original Noodler’s Flex Pens.

What do you think?

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Brian Goulet