Lamy is replacing its previously existing Blue Studio pen with a new, darker color Imperial Blue. As of this post, the Imperial Blue is a brand new pen, listed as a separate product from the ‘old’ Blue. There will be a little bit of an overlap of the two colors, but the arrival of the Imperial Blue means that the end of the old Blue is near.


Lamy Studios, front: (new) Imperial Blue, back: (old) Blue 


Same metal grip section, same steel nib options on both pens.


The two pens are identical in every aspect but the color, coming with the swappable standard Lamy steel nib options. If you’ve had your eye on the old Blue color, I would recommend not waiting on it for too long, as it is being phased out and will soon no longer be available.

So what do you think of the new color?

See how to swap Lamy nibs, here.