Eric Schneider contacted me about a week ago about a new weekly program he’s starting at called ‘Geek of the Week’. He plans to interview an interesting person in the fountain pen community every week, and he wanted me to be the first Geek. Of course, the timing was awful as Rachel and I are little more than walking zombies with our two-year old and a two-week old baby, but I agreed to it because I am just insane. Eric runs a great blog with Dan Smith and I like to see what they’re doing, plus they’re pretty technically savvy with their audio recordings and I knew that we’d be able to record something of good quality. I can respect what goes into their podcasting and everything because I do it myself!

Eric and I set up a time to talk and he asked me about 4 questions and I just wouldn’t shut up. I think I’ve been cooped up at home changing too many diapers and listening to too much Veggie Tales or something, because I went on for nearly three hours about my whole evolution in my business philosophy and how came to be as it is. It’s a lot to listen to, but it’s by far the most in-depth I’ve ever gone on my own history and why I am who I am. If you like me, Rachel, and anything that we do, it’ll be a worthy listen. I’m actually pretty excited about how it turned out. Plus, Eric put it in a downloadable format so that you can take it with you and not have to sit on your computer listening to it the whole time. Pretty cool.

So here it is, go check out the interview on FPGeeks and let me know what you think!