We’re back! It’s been 4 weeks since the birth of our daughter, and Rachel and I are getting back into our groove. We’re still a little sleep deprived, but not much more than we usually are! There is just so much to talk about that we can’t hold off doing Write Time any longer, so we’re going to jump back into it tonight at 9pm EST.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about tonight:

  • Our daughter, of course! What the Goulet’s have been up to for the last month.
  • Timelines for tons of new products like:
    • Noodler’s Konrad Flex
    • Noodler’s Ahab Pink and Black
    • TWSBI 540 clear, orange, blue, smoke
    • TWSBI VAC 700 and Micarta, italic nibs
    • Edison Herald and two other new models
    • Pilot Custom 823
    • Pilot Custom 74 in orange
    • Noodler’s UK/Russian inks, KTC
    • Kaweco nib units
    • New De Atramentis colors
    • New Exaclair products
    • New Lamy Safari LE color
    • New Pilot Iroshizuku inks
    • New Diamine ink colors
  • Rohrer and Klingner ink reviews (and others to be announced)
  • Feedback on January’s Ink Drop
Yeah, that ought to be enough to keep us busy. Keep in mind, we have a newborn and she pretty much calls the schedule. So you’re going to hear her, for better or worse, during the broadcast, and Rachel may be in and out of the broadcast. But if you have some time tonight at 9pm EST, we’d love to have you join us.