As many of you are aware, the Edison Pen Company offers a production line of pens that Brian Gray offers: Premiere, Beaumont, Ascent, Pearlette, and Collier. But there are many other models that Edison offers as part of their Signature line. The Huron, Pearl, Mina, Stillwell, and many others!

I get asked from time to time how the production line pens compare to the Signature models. I asked Brian if he would be willing to send me one of each pen to check them out, take some pictures, and shoot a video, and he did!

As you are already aware if you saw my post yesterday, I have a new 105mm Nikkor macro lens for my Nikon, and I’ve use been having a ball with it. The fancy Edisons were a perfect opportunity to try them out! Enjoy as I showcase what I’ve been doing the last two days (especially the last picture!).

Edison Lineup from Left: Herald, Stilwell, Pearl, Huron, Glenmont, Mina, Huron Grande, Herald Grande, Morgan, Collier, Hudson, Premiere, and Herald (again)
Edison Morgan in a green ebonite swirl, detail on the threads


Almost the exact same shot, but with a much wider aperture and a shallow depth of field, to really highlight the threads.


Same Morgan, but with a shot of the Edison logo on the nib.


Nearly the same shot, but with a really shallow depth of field to focus solely on the Edison name. That’s a small area!
Showcasing the finest details of the green swirled ebonite.


Edison Mina in a cross-cut and laminated striated acrylic, a wonderful effect.
Edison Stilwell, my favorite of the group for taking macro shots!


The detail of the overlay on the Stilwell is quite amazing, great for pictures!


One of the coolest things about the macro lens is the ability to really control what you want to highlight. I’m able to focus on such incredibly small areas of the pen such as the flowers on the vine running up this overlay.
Seeing how close in I could go, to the point where you can actually see the tool marks inside the vine, that must be 0.5mm wide. These marks are not even visible to the naked eye.


The shallow depth of field almost makes the pen look dreamy! Here I wanted to draw focus to the Edison name.


This picture is nearly the same as the next one, but with a wider area of focus.
I tightened the focus on this one so that you can really only clearly see the “E”, which can’t be any more than 1/8″ tall.


And my favorite of all the pics I shot….this is the ball on the end of the clip of the Glenmont, and it can’t be any more than 1/4″ in diameter. When taking the picture, I saw that I could see a reflection in it, so I deliberately put my big smiling face in the reflection. If you look closely, you can see the whites of my teeth! That’s macro, baby!

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