This month’s Ink Drop theme is Valentine’s Day…okay not the most creative name but it gets the message across ;) Joseph just happened to be in my studio as I was about to shoot this video, so on a whim I decided to shoot it with him. He’s so adorable in it, and he behaved really well! It was great, I’m glad I did it. For this month, we picked out a nice selection of lovey-dovey colors, including some of our all-time favorites:

  1. Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses- a very popular color, we hesitated to use it because we knew that a lot of you already have it. But, it’s such a nice color that we thought those that didn’t have it would really enjoy it. Plus, c’mon….roses…..Valentine’s Day…
  2. Noodler’s Purple Heart- this is our Goulet exclusive Noodlers’ color, and it is part of the American Eel line of lubricated inks. We named it Purple Heart in honor of George Washington (a fellow Virginian) and his Badge of Military Merit. Plus it has the word heart in it :)
  3. Private Reserve Chocolat- that’s not a typo, there’s no ‘e’ on the end. It’s a nice Hershey brown color, like you’re writing with a melted chocolate bar! Everyone loves chocolate on Valentine’s.
  4. Diamine Hope Pink- you’ll either love it or hate it, it’s a bright pink. The cool thing about this ink is that Diamine actually donates a portion of the proceeds of this particular color to breast cancer research.
  5. Waterman Red- this is now actually called ‘Audacious Red’. We found that out after Ink Drop was completely assembled, so there will undoubtedly be confusion there! I’ll be posting more about this and the other Waterman name changes soon. No real reason for choosing this one, it just rounded out the palate nicely.

If you’re interested in joining, you can do that here through Feb. 14th to still get this month’s colors. Members get 10% off the bottle price for any of these 5 inks!

I hope you enjoy this month’s Ink Drop colors. Let me know what you think in the comments!