Goulet Pens reception area, where we display every letter written to us by fans and customers.

This is our letter wall, where we proudly display all of the handwritten letters ever written to us since we started selling fountain pen products in 2009. Rachel and kept every letter from the very beginning. When we moved out of our garage and into our current warehouse, we took all the letters with us. We were looking around at where to put them all, perhaps my office, or as a backdrop for shooting videos in my studio. Ultimately, we found it most appropriate to put them in the front reception area, where we would all see it as soon as we walk into the shop each day.

Regrettably, we just don’t have the time to write back every person that writes us a letter. But we do want you to know that if you send us a letter, we all read it and display it up on our wall so that every time we walk into our shop we see exactly how much what we do matters to you. Thank you everyone who has ever (and will ever!) write us, we absolutely love to see your individual writing style and we will proudly display it on our letter wall :)