I just happened to check a few minutes ago, and noticed I have 1,000 YouTube subscribers! Never did I think there were that many people that wanted to watch me talk about pens. It’s been absolutely killing me that I haven’t been able to do as many videos as I’d like lately. I have been tied up between taking care of my young family and the daily runnings of GouletPens.com, and I have to really work to find time to do anything with video these days. It won’t be this way for long though, trust me. I am burning and yearning to do more video stuff for Ink Nouveau, it will come. So, thank you for subscribing to Ink Nouveau, my YouTube channel, the GPC Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, and the Ink Nouveau podcast. As I’ve said before, without you to listen to me, I’d just be some guy talking to himself about fountain pens!