Thanks to everyone who joined us last night! I’m SOOOO sorry that Ellie was so fussy. She is only 6-weeks old after all! We worked to time everything right with her feeding and all to do the broadcast uninterrupted, but she had her own plan :P There’s a little crying here and there, but that is our life right now! We didn’t want to stop/cancel the broadcast, so you’ll just hear a little baby noise in the background.

In this video, we talked about:

  • TWSBI color demo 540’s and italic nibs
  • New pens! We’re bringing in:
    • Pelikan m200’s, m205’s, and m215’s (showed them)
    • Platinum 3776’s and Modern Maki-e (showed the Maki-e)
    • Sailor 1911-S’s (showed it and the 1911-L)
    • Noodler’s Ahab in Black, Pink Tiger, Charon’s Panther
  • Waterman ink name changes
  • Pilot Custom 823’s (showed it)
  • Jamie Grossman’s ink UV torture test
We said we’d post a link to Jamie’s blog, here you go. I’ll be posting about Jamie and her test tomorrow, and we’ll have her on next week’s Write Time to talk about it and her watercolor washing. Thanks to everyone who joined us, and we’ll see you next week :)