Rachel and I just too beat to do a whole Write Time broadcast tonight, we’ve been working overtime lately and we just need a break this week! I’m sure you all understand, especially if you saw last week’s broadcast! We were supposed to have Jamie Grossman on this week, but we’re going to reschedule her appearance because she’s short on sleep just like we are!

But, we won’t leave you hanging. In fact, we’d like to hangout with you! Brian Gray has turned us on to the cool Google Hangout feature on Google+, and he’s hosting a pen hangout tomorrow (Thursday) 2/9 at 9pm EST. I’m planning to be there with him in the hangout, so stop on by if you are on Google+. If you’re not, don’t worry, we’ll post the recording afterwards.

Basically, the way the G+ hangout works is that you have a moderator (Brian Gray in this case) who hosts the hangout, and up to 9 additional people can join in by video chat and all talk at the same time, sort of as if there are a group of friends hanging out in a room together. It’s a different dynamic than Write Time, because it’s much more conversational instead of ‘broadcast-like’. Brian and I tested it out earlier in the week, and it was pretty cool!

Here’s Brian’s post about the hangout: http://edisonpen.com/index.cfm/2012/2/7/Lets-Hang-Out

So though we won’t be there tonight in Write Time, I will be joining Brian Gray’s hangout tomorrow. I don’t know what we’ll talk about, but it’ll be pen stuff ;)