Jamie Grossman is the wonderful blogger behind Hudson Valley Sketches, and she’s well known in the mixed media/watercolor community as well as for her oil and acrylic paintings of the Hudson River and surroundings at her Hudson Valley Painter website. She started doing some interesting UV lightfastness tests with random fountain pen inks that she has. After seeing her tests I thought it was really interesting to see which inks held up to the abuse, and which ones didn’t! Noodler’s has a whole line of inks that rated as eternal, which tout UV-resistance. Now, these inks aren’t UV-proof, just resistant, and I was curious to know just how much. I approached Jamie about supplying her with the inks in exchange for her work of doing the testing for all 32 of the Noodler’s inks I have that tout UV resistance. Check out how she set up her test here.

Jamie was kind enough to take me up on the offer to join us live on Write Time tonight by phone, to discuss her one-month findings with the Noodler’s UV tests, as well as provide some insight into the fountain pen ink-crossover world of watercolor washing. If you have the time tonight at 9pm EST, we’d love to see you there!