We took a week off last week due to the fact that both our kids and Rachel were really, really sick. It was a bit of madness around here, but things are settled down now! We’ll be back with Write Time tonight at 9pm EST talking about:

  • TWSBI color demo 540’s and italic nibs
  • New pens! We’re bringing in:
    • Pelikan m200’s, m205’s, and m215’s
    • Platinum 3776’s and Modern Maki-e
    • Sailor 1911-S’s
    • Noodler’s Ahab in Black, Pink Tiger, Charon’s Panther
  • Waterman ink name changes
  • Pilot Custom 823’s
  • Jamie Grossman’s ink UV torture test
So if you have the time and would like to hang out with us, we’d love to see you tonight.