Unfortunately we’re having to cancel the broadcast tonight, our timing with Ellie and her feedings is just way off tonight and she needs her mom and dad! There’s a lot of stuff that we’ll be able to talk about later:

  • TWSBI 540’s and ROC-100’s and italics to arrive tomorrow
  • 4 new Pilot Iroshizuku inks
  • 40ish new De Atramentis inks we’ve brought in
  • Kaweco Classic and ICE Sport nib units
  • New Noodler’s Ahab flex pen colors
  • New Platinum Kanazawa Maki-e pens
  • Timelines for new stuff like TWSBI VAC-700’s, new Diamine inks, orange Pilot Custom 74, and even more De Atramentis colors like select Historic Person inks
Sorry to cancel at the last minute, it’s family first tonight :)