Pilot Con-50 converters, new version on top with metal piece, old version on bottom

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed some little metal pieces inside the Pilot Con-50 converters that were coming in. The Con-50 is a converter used for most Pilot and Namiki pens, and is notorious for ‘holding’ ink up in the body, which causes a break in ink flow. No doubt, this new metal piece coming in the converters is an effort to cut down on this. I personally never really had much of a problem with my ink flow with the ‘old’ converter, but I know many have.

Time will tell if this improvement does the trick. The one drawback is that the little metal piece rattles around in the converter a bit, which can be annoying (at least in an empty pen). With ink in it, it’s not nearly as noticeable.

What are your thoughts?