Last night’s broadcast was great, Rachel and I made some ‘night coffee’ and it helped to give us a little energy boost to share everything we needed to talk about before taking our Write Time hiatus. Here’s everything we covered:

  • Official announcement of our new paper brand, Banditapple! These are great little cahier notebooks, with soft off-white (leaning gray) paper that is slightly more absorbent and faster drying than Rhodia/Clairefontaine. It’ll be a great addition to our current paper lineup.
  • 12 new De Atramentis colors just came in, including George Washington, Ben Franklin, and US Constitution
  • Edison Pearl LE pens
  • Updates on the next Edison Nouveau collaborative pen (only a few weeks away)
  • TWSBI VAC-700 and Micarta drama
  • 5 new Diamine colors coming next week
  • 2 new Pelikan Edelstein colors later this month
  • Rohrer and Klingner glass pens coming in the next month or so
  • March Ink Drop colors
  • Omas Blue drama
  • J. Herbin Poussière de Lune drama
  • Our hiatus and why we’re doing it (Ellie, plus moving our GouletPens shop)
It was a fun broadcast, and Ellie was crazy super cute and well behaved for the first 30ish minutes :) Thanks to everyone who joined us live, it was wonderful to see such support from everyone for the reasons why we’re going to take a little break to recoup. We’re going to come back with a new Edison Nouveau in hand, as well as a renewed perspective on how we can keep making Write Time a fun and exciting time for all of us. We’ll still be blogging and doing everything else as usual, so we’ll be around ;)