Day 1: The Announcement Teaser

It’s official, the new Edison Nouveau Encore pen is set to release on Wednesday, April 18th during our live Write Time broadcast at 9pm EDT. We’ve been on a hiatus with the broadcast over the last month as we’ve been moving our shop, and we thought there would be no better way to end the hiatus than with the release of our newest pen collaboration with the Edison Pen Co! Brian Gray will be joining us live by phone for the release of the pen as well, and he always makes sure we have a grand ol’ time!

So here’s how it’s all going to go down, I’m going to use this opportunity to really have fun with my photography. I’m going to take a slew of teaser pictures of the new pens, posting them every day up until the big release on the 18th. Each day I’m going to reveal a little more on the pens, so it’ll be a titillating week for the blog! ;)

A few things I can give away at this point:

  • The official name of the next Edison Nouveau is the Encore (the first pen was the Premiere, sense a theme?)
  • It is going to be smaller than any Edison pen we currently offer, in length and diameter
  • It uses a #5 nib (smaller than the #6 nib on all of the other Edisons we carry), it’s the same nib used on the Mina, if you’re familiar with that.
  • It will showcase 3 new features never seen Edison offer before
  • It will be available in 3 materials
  • It will be cartridge/converter/eyedropper just like all the other Edison pens
  • It will be available in fine, medium and broad steel nibs, no extra-fine for the time being unless custom-ground by Brian Gray
  • The nibs will be easily swappable and available separately for purchase, just like the #6 Edison nibs are for the existing pen models
  • The cap is postable
  • It does have a clip
That’s all I’m going to say for now, I have a week to tease you and I don’t want to give it all away up front! Here’s the first of a bunch of teaser photos yet to come, it’s all three pens and I’ll let you try to figure them out. :)
Edison Nouveau Encore pens, in all three colors.

In order to take this picture, I took the image from several feet away with a 24-70mm lens (set at 24mm), and put it as out of focus as it would go. I blew a breath of hot air on the lens to make it hazy, to obscure it even more. Then I gave it a heavy vignette in post for added dramatic effect! I’ll be posting more creative pictures each day, revealing a little more about the pens every day. Enjoy!

Day 2: Materials

Here is the second day of teaser pics before the big reveal. Today, I’m showing you a ‘close look’ at the 3 different materials the pens will be available in. Enjoy!

I took these pictures with my Canon 5D Mark 3 and 100mm F/2.8L Macro lens. These images are showing approximately 1/4″ of the actual pens!

Day 3: First New Feature

Today is the first day where I’m going to reveal a new feature of the Encore, never before seen on an Edison pen! I must say, I’m just having a total blast taking these pics.

New Feature #1 on the Encore….metal bands. But where are they on the pen? (I’ll share tomorrow)


My personal favorite material, showcasing the subtle markings of the pen’s name.


End of the pens peeking out of my Aston Case 20.


Encore Feature #1…
Encore threading on the pen body, very subtle and unobtrusive when holding the pen.


Me, holding all three Encore pens.

All of these pictures were taken with my Canon 5D Mark 3, along with either my 100mm F/2.8L Macro or 24-70mm F/2.8L. MUCH editing was done to take out all the dust! Macro photography should be renamed as ‘pre-dust removal editing’ ;)

Day 4: Engraved Nibs and Centerbands!

More reveals! This is the second new feature ever done on an Edison pen….engraved #5 nibs! Edison launched their engraved #6 (larger) nibs for the first time with our Edison Nouveau Premiere, and this time the engraved #5 nibs coincide with the launch of the Encore! We’re honored to have it as a part of our pen, and thrilled to see nice touches like this on the Edison pens.

This is all of course, leading up to our big release on April 18th, where we’ll be showcasing the pens in full, and making them available for purchase.

Edison #5 nibs, engraved for the first time on the Encores.


Encore nibs will be available in fine, medium, and broad. For this image, I purposely positioned my lights to glare directly into the reflection on the nib, and I exposed the image for the nib, leaving the rest of the pen underexposed. I wanted to emphasize the engraving apart from the rest of the pen. I’m not sure if I’m crazy about how it turned out as a photograph, but it was something different and I’m glad I tried it.


Revealing a little more than yesterday, the metal bands are in fact centerbands! An Edison first…


The Encores have tapered caps, to flow effortlessly from the cap to the body.


We had this smooth taper on the cap to the body on the Premiere and really liked this design aspect, so we kept it for the Encore.


You can also see that I’m starting to show just a little bit of the clip…


The Edison #5 nibs are removable, just like the Edison #6 nibs. The best part about this is that you can swap out the nibs to get a different writing experience without having to buy a whole new pen. I’m a big fan of this, as a pen user! I had some fun with different color filters on the image here :) I took one image and copied it into 4 of the same ones, then applied different filters to each. The Canon 5D3 in large RAW format shoots about 24MB per image, so this compilation of 4 images was actually close to 100MB in file size! I love having a full-frame camera, but I tell you I’m tearing through some hard drive space!

The Edison #5 nibs for the Encore (also used on the Mina, available custom from Edison) will be available separately from the pens, just like the current line of Edison pens using the #6 nibs.

Now I’ve shown off two of the three new features, just one to go! Keep checking back and I’ll reveal it here on the blog (probably on Tuesday).

Day 5: Writing Samples of the #5 Nib

Pretty pens are nice, but pens are also functional and need to write well. The way a pen writes is important, and can make or break the whole experiencing of owning a fountain pen. I’m proud to say that the nibs on the Encore keep up with Edison’s stellar reputation for writing excellence. Brian Gray tunes his nibs to ensure his famous ‘smooth with a touch of feedback’ writing experience.

The #5 Edison nibs are just this, and they rather wet. Here are all of the nibs as you can find them in our Nib Nook, the writing comparison tool I’ve compiled with my own handwriting on

Nib Nook sample of Edison nibs used on the Encore, done in Noodler’s Black on Rhodia 80g dotpad paper.

Comparing them to the other Edison nibs (#6 nibs), I find they do write a little wetter, and a little broader on the page than the steel #6’s. These #5 nibs write closer in wetness and line width to the Edison 18k gold nibs:

Nib Nook writing samples of Edison #6 nibs, done in Noodler’s Black on Rhodia 80g dotpad paper.
Edison Nouveau Encore with Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki
Edison Nouveau Encore with Diamine Amazing Amethyst
Edison Nouveau Encore with Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki
Edison Nouveau Encore with Lamy Turquoise
Edison Nouveau Encore in Lamy Turquoise, this pen will fit and fill fine in just about any ink bottle.

Day 6: Size Comparison

Part of what I’ve touted about the new Edison Nouveau Encore is that it is smaller in size than other Edisons. So (without revealing the whole pen) I wanted to give you at least a little perspective on the size of the Encore.

Here are all the detailed dimensions of the Encore:

  • Overall Weight:…..16g (0.56oz)
  • Cap Weight:…..9g (0.32oz)
  • Body Weight: …..7g (0.25oz)
  • Overall Length (capped):…..132mm (5.2in)
  • Overall Length (posted):…..154mm (6.1in)
  • Body Length: …..118.5mm (4.67in)
  • Cap Diameter (no clip):…..13.4mm (0.53in)
  • Cap Diameter (with clip):…..17mm (0.67in)
  • Body Diameter:…..11.25mm  (0.44in)
  • Nib Length:…..19mm (0.75in)
  • Cap Length:…..62mm (2.43in)
Encore (left) slightly tapers on the body end, but not as drastically as the Premiere (right).


The overall length of the Encore is shorter than the Premiere, especially the body. The diameter is smaller, too.


Though the Encore and Premiere ends taper differently,  they are both still able to post.


The diameter of the Encore cap (bottom) is slightly smaller than the Premiere (top), and it is shorter overall.


Edison #6 nib (left) on a Premiere, Edison #5 nib (right) on an Encore.


Size comparisons of Edison nib and grip sections (top to bottom): Collier, Hudson, Encore, Premiere. The Encore has the Edison #5 nib, smaller than the #6 nib used on all the other Edisons.


Day 7: Release Day!

And so, that brings us to today! The official day of the release, where I reveal the last and final (or should I say finial) component to the Encore, an inlaid medallion in the cap:

This is something else that Brian Gray had mentioned to us a while ago, and we were excited about having the opportunity to use it on our collaborative pen. It’s been a lot of fun doing this teaser over the last week, thanks to everyone for your interest and comments on the blog.

So now, after a week-long teaser, we finally released the new Edison Nouveau Encores last night during our Write Time broadcast, with Brian Gray of Edison joining us by phone (and baby Ellie in person!). The chat wasn’t working for most of the broadcast which was a total bummer, especially since we had so much to talk about! The broadcast went for a solid two hours, mainly because we had been on hiatus for the last month and had a lot to talk about.


So here they are, the Edison Nouveau Encores!

Edison Nouveau Encores in Amethyst Ice, Turquoise Lagoon, and Blue Agate


Edison Nouveau Encore in Amethyst Ice


Edison Nouveau Encore in Blue Agate


Edison Nouveau Encore in Turquoise Lagoon

Thanks to everyone for all of your great feedback and positive affirmations on the teasers this week. I spent probably way more time than I should have taking pictures for this pen, but it was a total blast for me and I saw it as a somewhat rare opportunity so I wanted to make the most of it :) I’d love to hear your feedback about the teaser, and what you think of the pen as a whole!

Write on,
Brian Goulet