Tom Lynch is a loyal customer of, and he does some amazing work with very simple tools. He does a lot of book cover art for Penguin USA, and his latest work releases today. His cover of Ben Hur was done in Noodler’s #41 Brown with a Noodler’s flex pen that he got from us. What he can do with such simple tools is both impressive and inspiring for us non-artists ;) He just makes it look so easy!

Tom’s a great guy and is a big fan of ours. We’ll be talking with him more about a possible interview once we’re all settled in to our new shop location, but in the meantime, enjoy his artwork! His cover of Ben Hur is being released today, you can pick it up here for only $8.95 (paperback). Tom elaborates more on how he did his cover art on his blog post here and here.

Tom Lynch’s artwork for the April 3rd release of Ben Hur. (picture provided by Tom)

Tom shows what simple tools can do in the hands of a talented artist. (picture provided by Tom)
A card that Tom sent to the Goulet’s with artwork he did using his Noodler’s Ahab Flex pen. He enjoyed intentionally railroading his flex pen so that he could get interesting effects!