Many of you are aware of the legendary packing that we do at the Goulet Pen Company, and an integral part of that is our bubblewrap. In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we want to consider switching to biodegradeable bubblewrap. The stuff is pretty cool, it looks and feels a lot like plastic, but it biodegrades after only 12-24 months in a landfill. I’ve already put it through some testing and it’s holding up well, I soaked it underwater for about 20 straight hours and there was no change in it at all, and it seems to be just as strong as plastic.

For the next week or so (depending on our shipping volume), we’ll be using our new green “Eco Bubs” as we’ve come to call them around the shop. We want to see how they will hold up in the real world, so if you’re ordering from in the next week or so, you will probably see some eco bubs used for your package. If you do, we’d love to get your feedback on how they held up! We have this online survey (it’s really quick) that will help us to get the feelings you have towards our new bubs and our green initiative.

We are also going to be trying out some green (biodegradeable) stretch wrap as well, but we’re really torn about this one! Our blue wrap has become so distinctive, that we kind of hate to give it up! So we’d love your thoughts on that too.

***I want to correct one thing I said in the video. I said the green bubbles ‘can’t be recycled’ but what I meant was ‘doesn’t have to be recycled’…these bubbles CAN actually be recycled, but they will also biodegrade if simply thrown away, so you have options ;) 

If you know you aren’t going to be ordering from us but still want to share your opinion on our eco stuff, just post here in the comments as I’d really love to hear what you think!