This past week, some ink fans have expressed their desire for Liberty’s Elysium to be more water resistant than it is. The hype started building in this thread on the Fountain Pen Network, and it all came to a head in this thread (now locked). We’ve spent a lot of time talking with Nathan and deciding the best course of action for how to respond to the public’s reaction to the ink, and we think we’ve come up with a good plan.

The video above covers the full explanation of what’s going, but the main point is that Nathan is going to do what he can to improve the ink. We’re reclassifying the ink in its current form as ‘semi-bulletproof’. Now, we’re currently out of it but we do have one more batch of the ink as it exists on the way. By no means is anything ‘wrong’ with this ink, we just want to make it better. So we will still offer the ink in its current form while we have it, since it’s going to be upwards of 3-4 weeks before we can see any reformulation happen. Nathan has to take some rather drastic measures to work with his dye component manufacturers to improve the permanence of this color, but he has given me a vote of confidence that it can be done, without sacrificing the current color, shading, or performance of the ink (with the exception of making it more water resistant, or course).

Once he has a reformulation, he will send me some ink to test, and I will post a video and pictorial comparison of the current and new formulas. As soon as it’s ready for production, it will then replace the current formula and it will remain as the formula ongoing.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that we and Nathan are pushing the envelope here, and it’s always tough going into uncharted territory. We really appreciate all of the feedback that’s been given about the ink, as we’re learning from the whole experience. Despite some individuals typing some things (specifically about me) that were tough to read, I have no hard feelings at all and will continue to do what I do. We fountain pen folk are a mighty passionate bunch, and I have to take the good with the bad ;) In this case though, I think we’ll be able to take a good ink and make it better, and we will hopefully see Liberty’s Elysium become one of the staple inks in the fountain pen world.

Write On,
Brian Goulet