Wed. Review – New Stuff from Monteverde, Stipula, Delta, Conklin

Just got in some cool new stuff! We’d mentioned a while ago that we’d be carrying a few new brands, and we just got in our first order of pens and ink from Monteverde, Delta, Stipula, and Conklin. Total, we’re adding about 25 new inks to, bringing our ink total to around 675. That’s pretty crazy, even to me!

The video is just an overview of the new stuff and my first impression of it, I plan to do more in-depth reviews later on as I have time to play with them all. Here’s what we’re going to be carrying regularly:

Monteverde Artista Crystals 
Monteverde Invinvias
We’re just dipping our toes in the water, so if you have anything from these brands you want to see us carry or if you want to special order anything, just post in the comments or shoot me an email.
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  • PurpleDrazi

    Does the Engage come with extra rollerball tips? Can one acquire extra tips?

  • It only comes with the one on the pen, but replacements are available. We don't have them yet (but we have them on order). 

  • Those Monteverdi Invincias are very handsome pens. They look far more expensive than they are.

  • David

    Hi Brian, I was looking at your pictures of the Rose Gold Invincia fountain pen. The pen you show has an all steel-tone nib. The Monteverde site shows this pen with a two-tone nib. See here:

    Monteverde's product code is MV40062. Your product code is MV40062S. What's up with this? Are you going to offer the two-tone nib version?

    Thanks, David in Jakarta

  • That's very true! I've been impressed so far, especially because they really write well, too. 

  • David, the 'S' at the end of our product code stands for 'stub', you'll see that the broad has a product code 'MV40062B', the medium is 'MV40062M', etc. That's something we added to keep them on track internally. I don't know why we have steel color nibs instead of two tones, I'd overlooked that! Thanks for pointing it out, I'll find out what's going on. 

  • Sam

    Will you be carrying an all black Invincia? I'm not hugely bothered by the stylus tip, although it is cool…

  • We're easing into them right now, but we can special order anything we're not regularly carrying pretty easily (for the same price as if we carried it regularly). We plan to expand our offering over time, we just want to ease our way into it 🙂 

  • Susan

    This Monteverde Invincia Titanium is amazing:

    And the Rose Gold Invincia only comes with a medium nib, is that right? Too bad. I would love to get that one in fine.

  • I set aside a 1.1mm Invincia Titanium for myself 😉 Loving it! The rose gold is available in all the same nibs as the others, F, M, B, and 1.1mm: