Lamy Studio Royal Red, 14k

Lamy is coming out with a new Studio with a 14k gold nib, called Royal Red. Personally, I think the color is borderline red at best, it’s really more of a coppery-orange color. It’s really nice looking, I just think the name might give an impression that it’s more red than it really is. It’s not expected to arrive until mid-October, so it’s a ways off, but I had the chance to take a picture of one and jumped on it. This will be a really nice color for a fall pen.

The price is going to be the same as the other Studios with 14k nibs in extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad for $195 list (we plan to offer it at $156 like we do the other Studios).

Lamy Studio Royal Red, posted
Lamy Studio Royal Red, takes Lamy cartridges or a Lamy Z24 converter (included)

Lamy Studio Royal Red with the classic Studio ‘propeller’ clip
Lamy Studio Royal Red, I busted out some apple potpourri for this one ;) 

The nib is Lamy’s 14k nib, which write incredibly smooth and wet. I really love their gold nibs.

Nib Nook writing sample of the Lamy 14k nibs.

Even though it’ll be a ways off, I knew pics of these would leak sooner than later. It’s not often I get to be the first to show something, so I jumped on the chance as soon as Lamy gave me the okay :) I’d love to hear what you think of the new color!