A customer who special ordered a Delta Dolce Vita (Mid-size) with a 14k medium nib was kind enough to allow me to ink it up and play with it, so I recorded my fun. This is a FAT pen, my goodness. The Dolce Vita is Delta’s signature pen, and holy moly is this thing gargantuan. I compare it in the video to a Pelikan m200 (HA!), m800 (even dwarfs this one), a Lamy Al-Star, TWSBI VAC-700, Edison Hudson and Edison Collier.

I was very impressed with the writing of this pen. I’ve written with enough pens to know that the more expensive you get you’re not necessarily getting a vast improvement in writing quality, but this one definitely delivers. It’s no wonder I hear a lot about this pen. Enjoy my vid!

Delta Dolce Vita, Delta’s flagship pen 
Delta Dolce Vita cap, with roller clip

Delta Dolce Vita centerband, 92.5% sterling silver

Delta Dolce Vita, 14k gold nib that writes quite smooth!

Delta Dolce Vita sitting in its home

Delta Dolce Vita, one large and beautiful pen