Monteverde’s new One Touch Engage is a refillable rollerball click pen with a stylus on top, able to be used on your touch electronic devices. It’s a pretty darn cool pen, and I show it to you here and write with it next to a Noodler’s rollerball and J. Herbin rollerball.

Monteverde One-Touch Engages, both carbon fiber available with black or rose gold trim

The Engage has a lot going on with it, you have a refillable rollerball pen, which is pretty cool especially given that it uses a standard international cartridge or converter, a really nice touch. It makes it about as convenient as can be. The converter itself is a pretty recognizable standard international, with one additional touch, it is threaded so it is really secure. This makes filling easy, as you don’t have to worry about the rollerball tip dropping off the end of the converter!

Monteverde One-Touch Engage, Carbon Fiber with black trim, disassembled

It also has a stylus top, which is a soft conductive rubber that works much like your finger to carry an electric charge to operate touch devices. It works quite well, and is a patented feature by Monteverde.

The pen writes really well, the rollerball tip is the wettest writing refillable rollerball I’ve ever used. It’s smooth, and puts down a dark line that’s closer to a medium nib (the other rollerballs are more like fines):

Writing comparison of Monteverde Engage, Noodler’s Nib Creaper Rollerball, and J. Herbin Rollerball

The writing experience with the Monteverde is quite nice, not entirely perfect, though. I did feel a little movement of the rollerball mechanism in the pen as I wrote (where the tip was moving a bit side-to-side, hitting the inside of the end of the pen’s grip section….it didn’t move in or out of the pen as I wrote). This wasn’t too bad though, certainly not a deal breaker; it’s just something I wanted to mention. Because the pen is a click, the fact the tip moves in and out of the pen means the potential for a little movement is there. I haven’t felt it on every Engage I’ve tied, but I did feel it on this particular pen.

The pen is a pretty good size, not insanely large but it has to fit that whole nib unit with the standard international converter in there, so it can only be so small. I must say, though it’s considerably more expensive than the other pens below, it certainly feels justified because of the design, fit and finish, and additional features (like the stylus) that it has.

Monteverde One-Touch Engage Refillable Rollerball, carbon fiber with rose-gold trim

J. Herbin Rollerball (cartridge) pen

Noodler’s Nib Creaper Refillable Rollerball Pen

Another nice thing about the pen is that it has replaceable rollerball tips. They’re much more expensive than the tips for the Noodler’s rollerball (the J. Herbin doesn’t have replaceable tips, you need to buy a whole new pen), but at least they’re there if you need them:

Monteverde Engage Rollerball Tip

All-in-all, the One-Touch Engage is one very unique and beautiful pen. It writes wetter and broader than any refillable rollerball pen I’ve used before, and the stylus is just plain cool. If you’re in the market for one of these it’ll set you back around $88, which is certainly no small change. But, it’s not the most expensive rollerball out there for sure, and for what it is I think it’s worth a look.

What do you think?