It’s that time again, for the Fountain Pen Supershow in Washington, D.C. It’s the only pen show that Rachel and I get the chance to attend since our two young kids keep us close to home! In fact, we wouldn’t even be able to make it to DC (about 2 hours away from us) except that her parents live nearby and we can get some help watching our little ones :) We aren’t doing a booth or table, and really don’t have any special plans except to head to the show today around noon for the FPN meet up (if we can time Ellie’s feedings!) and stay through most of the afternoon.

We’ll just be walking around as guests, so if you see us, stop and say hi! We’re looking forward to hanging out a little bit with Brian and Andrea Gray of Edison Pens, Eric Schneider of FPGeeks, Stephen Brown of sbrebrown on YouTube, and Tyler Thompson of Organics Studio inks. I’ll be bringing my camera and snapping some pics, and we’ll tweet what’s going on, too. It’s always a fun show, and we’re looking forward to going for the fourth time.