Last updated December 2019

The Edison Pen Company has come out with a new production line pen, the Beaumont. Brian Gray has been interested in developing smaller Edison pens lately, starting first with the Mina (custom only), the Pearlette (custom only), and then with our collaborative Edison Nouveau Encore and now these Beaumonts.

In the video, I cover:

  • Beaumont unboxing (0:38)
  • Showing all 3 colors (0:55)
  • Comparison between the Beaumont and Encore (2:35)
  • Removing/swapping the nib units (7:20)
  • How it fills/cartridge/converter (8:10)
  • Comparing the Beaumont to the Collier (9:50)
  • Comparing the Beaumont to the Hudson (10:25)
  • Comparing the Beaumont to the Herald (11:22)
  • Comparing the Beaumont to the Premiere (12:00)
  • Close-up of the 3 Beaumont materials (12:47)
  • Writing with the Beaumont (14:15)

Because of the threads inside the black blind cap on the end of the body, Edison actually recommends not converting the Beaumont to an eyedropper. If you would like to do it, it can be done, but you need to seal the blind cap, which I didn’t realize when I shot this video.

You can view the Beaumont in comparison to every other pen at GPC in the Pen Plaza. It looks very similar in shape and size to the Encore, that’s hard to ignore. Let’s see the dimensions of the two side-by-side:

Comparison of the Edison Beaumont and Encore dimensions, pulled from

The biggest difference between the two besides the slight dimension difference and the medallion on top of the Encore is that the Beaumont uses the larger Edison #6 nib that all of the other (non-Encore) production Edisons use. Here’s a writing sample of the nibs available for the Beaumont:

Edison #6 nib size options, available in the Beaumont.


Edison Beaumont fountain pens, as they grow in nature.

In 2019, there were new colors introduced: Twilight Embers, Unicorn, and Amber Glass. These are the only current colors available.

The Beaumont is a welcome addition to the Edison line. It’s available at all of the Edison retailers, including What do you think of this new pen?

Write On,
Brian Goulet